Mar 09, 2010

Accasta Rule Change

Win by controlling at least 3 stacks at the beginning of your turn, i.e. your opponent has the chance to defend their castle after you stepped in; see: Accasta Rules.

Jan 26, 2010

Abande Rules in French

Traduction française par François Haffner.


Nov 16, 2009

Ordo X

The new Ordo X is an extension of the original Ordo game.

Aug 13, 2009

Ordo published

Ordo is now published by

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See the full license agreement at Creative Commons.

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welcome! Board

Accasta is an abstract board game for two players. Influenced by Dr. Emanuel Lasker's Lasca and Wladyslaw Glinksi's Hexagonal Chess, I tried to achieve a clean and original game using stacks and a hexagonal board.

In spring 1998, after a long time of development, Accasta was ready to be published on the Web and in the German game inventor's magazine Spiel & Autor, Vol. 34.

Accasta took part in some game design competitions and was one of the finalists of the Premio Archimede 1998 in Italy.

In 2001 the first version for online play was implemented for Richard's PBeM Server.

With the publication of Abande in 2005 and Attangle one year later, Dieter Stein's "Stacking Game Trilogy" was completed.

how to play

Accasta is related to Chess (fixed initial setup, different types of pieces) as well as Backgammon (moving pieces towards a target area, blocking enemy pieces, but no dice!).

It has a clear, very consistent structure. The main idea is the use of stacked pieces. Other features are multiple moves and the possiblity to liberate previously captured pieces (no piece is ever removed from board during play).

If you want to know more, please refer to the official rules.

If you have suggestions or just want to talk to me, please do here. Thank you very much for your interest!


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